My visit to the Hermina Wreck

Richard Hughes and his Diving Club invited me out to the wreck of the Hermina on Saturday 19th September at the lowest tide for the year.

After writing about the Hermina, I saw for the the first time the engine block that had been there for 89 years [1920].

It was above the water and in the exact position indicated in the book [page 26 – Hermina – the morning after]

We were joined by Mike and Jackie Williamson who were moored nearby and used their tender to ferry me around the engine.


Engine 3





One Response to My visit to the Hermina Wreck

  1. jackiewilliamson says:

    Hi Phil, Richard just passed me a link to your blog. I’ve spent much of this afternoon putting a report and photos on the dive club website:
    Just click on the calendar/news button in the index and it should take you there.
    It was nice meeting you. Richard says you’ve written a book about the Charterhouse. Let me have the details and I’ll add it to the dive club website.

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